About Margarita Hernandez

Margarita’s love for sculpturing began very early on in her life at her hometown in Colombia, where she would make plasticine soldiers for her brother to add his toy army collection. She would also create still life of animals that surrounded her and used her new found ability to produce a variety of figures. From then she realised she had a particular gift and decided to develop it and perfect it.

With a lot of passion, dedication for this wonderful craft she enrolled herself in various plastic arts courses, which would lead her to discover new techniques and give her a more refined observation.

After leaving school on her quest for new inspiration she travelled to Italy and studied the History of Art at Dante Alighieri Academy, Rome and continued her studies the prestigious art institution at St. Marcos School of Art in Florence, Italy, where she extended he sculpturing methods – which she picked up very quickly and came incredibly naturally to her.

Her journey then took her to London where a good friend of hers, who works at the Royal Academy, saw her working in her house and suggested to her that she exhibit at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts; which she succeeded in doing in both the 2003, 2007 & 2008 Summer Exhibitions.

A limited edition portrait was sold at the opening night of 2003 Summer Exhibition and the limited editions of her “Horse” sold out after the 2007 Exhibition. Other special commissions have included her exhibiting at the Bulgarian Embassy in 2004. Also in 2005 she was commissioned by the Royal College of Defence in London, to do the portrait of Winston Churchill.

She currently produces miniatures of Churchill, in different uniforms, which is an ongoing project. Her bust of Margaret Thatcher was unveiled and donated to the Conservative Headquarters in London in February 2008, where it remains indefinitely.